In All Shapes and Sizes


Unicorns come in all shapes and sizes.  But the quest for the unicorn startup often does a disservice to entrepreneurs.  The key is to expand your view… to something a little different, still rare, but entirely possible even in the most unlikely of places.



What's with the narwhal?

Unicorns may or may not be real… narwhals are definitely real.  The trick is to adjust your thinking… and look for them in different places.

Why is adventure in your name?

Narwhals are popular… The New School has Gnarls as a mascot.  Plus, this is more an adventure than a venture.

What do you folks do?

We help companies.  Sometimes that’s investing.  Sometimes that means helping think things through, solve problems, and create additional value.

What's the thesis?

That it’s possible to create value and also do something meaningful and worthwhile at the same time… but that may mean following a different model.

What's the model?

That depends on the company and the context.  For a start up in a smaller market, it may mean bootstrapping towards a specific event.

Do you folks know what you're doing?

Maybe not – it might be luck.  But we’ve founded our own companies and repeatedly taken them to exits with strategic, financial and public acquirers.

What kind of opportunities are you entertaining?

It ranges from pre-seed through select venture.  The key is to do something great, that’s financially responsible, creates value and broader good.

Where are you based?

Squarely in fly-over country.  In an old dive bar named after a horse, near Churchill Downs — Louisville, Kentucky.