In All Shapes and Sizes


Focused on repurposed buildings and the changing use of space.  First up, the LongTail Building, a space created by reimagining the Whirlaway Tavern, a bourbon bar named after the Triple Crown-winning horse, Whirlaway.  Mr. Longtail was the nickname of the horse – and a long tail is also a way to think about a distribution curve for creating and returning value across an entire field.  Located within walking distance of a major university and earshot of Churchill Downs, work is underway with the award-winning architecture firm Studio MAYO to transform this bourbon bar into a creative space for early-stage companies, unique events, and educational programs.  The BunkHouse sits across the courtyard from the LongTail Building, providing accommodations for individuals and groups.  A traditional shotgun house, the BunkHouse reflects the thrill of the Kentucky Derby.

Framework for creating value in your work.  Ranging from start-ups to people starting small businesses to create meaningful work.  A curriculum for starting a company, scaling and taking it to exit.  Content is based on direct experience doing this repeatedly with success.  Material applies to entrepreneurs raising funds, those considering other options, or anyone interested in learning a trade, exploring a vocation, or looking to create meaningful work.  Emphasis on the evolving nature of work and consumer demands; machine learning and artificial intelligence.



Alternative Unicorns

Start-ups and early-stage companies looking to becoming a different kind of unicorn.

Repurposed Spaces

Commercial spaces and re-purposing to alternative, affordable & 3D-printed housing.

Growing Things

Farming and doing different things with what grows on the land – permaculture & truffles.

Crypto & Hidden Things

All things hidden – currencies and decentralization – Narwhals were once a cryptid!

Tech & Algorithms

The stuff the exerts hidden control – and accelerates aggregation vs. commiditization.

Data & Analytics

Perhaps a bit old-school, but working top down and bottom up to get direction in complexity.


Melanie Rosenthal and Josh Rosenthal have a string of successful exits.  They have taken startups they co-founded to successful acquisitions with strategic, financial, and publicly-traded acquirers.  Working in fly-over country, they’ve focused on starting businesses that create value and also foster social and public good.


Hi. We are actively deploying capital… start-ups, venture, and other models.  But we’re really just getting started.  Stay tuned.  Until then, if you send me something, I may not respond (Narwhals can be kind of slow.. it’s all the ice).

Nellie, the Narwhal